To Our Valued Customers,

As the global COVID-19 public health emergency continues to spread and create challenges within the communities we serve, we wanted to share with you how the AGILE team is addressing many of the same challenges that our clients may be facing and to offer our assistance.

AGILE represents clients Telecom needs in over 70 countries, including locations where COVID-19 has had a serious impact. While our principal concern is with the humanitarian nature of the pandemic, we have focused our global resources to ensure we remain available to serve our clients during this challenging time despite travel restrictions, government orders, and other challenges that impact traditional ways of doing business. We remain ready, able, and prepared to serve you.

Agile is reserving its stock of CORE solutions and prioritizing deliveries for emergency response organizations. Agile CORE solutions integrate LTE, LTE advanced, 3G, LMR, satellite, landline, and Wi-Fi communications providing real-time video updates, SMS, MMS, and Cellular (Voice & Text) between multiple parties/agencies. In-vehicle, airborne, portable (Hardcase/backpack), marine and in-building systems are available. Please be confident that we will continue to provide the same high level of customer service. Agile engineers are standing by to assist with rapid deployment and support to insure the perational integrity of your systems.

Contact the Agile team at if you have questions about your own preparedness or if we can be of assistance in ensuring your ability to address these new challenges. We recognize that this may be a prolonged effort and wanted you to be aware of AGILE’s commitment to help you navigate challenges and to advance your organization’s objectives.