Agile Interoperable Solutions LLC (AIS) a leading developer and manufacturer of interoperable communications solutions announces the official release of its newest version of CORE 2.0. CORE 2.0 improves upon the already industry leading design and capabilities of CORE through added features, enhanced ease of use and an improved design. CORE 2.0 was born from a real-world need of a complete communications and data solution. CORE 2.0 is FirstNet (Band 14) capable. It now offers a comprehensive interface panel to maximize flexibility while maintaining the robustness of the platform design. CORE 2.0 supports public safety, military, private sector and other entities to combine cellular, LTE, radio, hardline phone and a variety of other communication types into a seamless communications system. This system may be used daily or on-demand for emergency situations. While CORE 2.0 is the foundation, each entity’s needs are unique. The focus of AIS is on customer success. AIS customizes solutions based on the needs of its customers.