Small Version of leading edge CORE for First Responders communications

Washington DC, November 21, 2017:  Agile Interoperable Solutions, LLC (AIS) is pleased to  introduce Mobile CORE, our smaller, ruggedized interoperable communications hub.

The Mobile CORE is a communications hub for vehicle or office based applications that integrate bonded multi-channel cellular LTE, WI-FI, GPS, and Land Mobile Radio extension capabilities. It is a small, ruggedized and durable device that is suitable for small, medium, or large number of units deployed in your organization. It has been built for ease of use, low maintenance and flexibility as well as with leading edge technology that will grow with your needs.

KEY FEATURES • Bonded LTE for session persistence through encrypted VPN • Band 14 (FirstNet) ready • Works with any cellular carrier (Changing carrier does not require hardware change) • Dual concurrent 2.4/5ac, large footprint auto-meshing WIFI • 4 SIM capacity with 4 cellular modules • Ruggedized and small, dependable and easily mounted in vehicle • GPS tracking embedded in the unit and supports geo-fencing.

FLEXIBILITY TODAY AND TOMORROW Mobile CORE has 4 cellular LTE radios onboard that covers most frequencies of service around the world, including all major North American carriers and is Band 14 ready. This flexibility allows not being limited with one service providers when you make your LTE router purchase or having to change your hardware if you are changing your service provider. Mobile CORE is one element of AIS’s communications solutions. Mobile CORE may be configured in a seamless network environment with multiple CORE and Mobile CORE units.

Mobile CORE DatasheetAIS Mobile CORE Datasheet

Mobile CORE Broadband Bandwidth InfoBroadband Bandwidth for the Mobile Office

Mobile CORE Failover SolutionAIS Mobile CORE LMR Failover Solution Diagram