Cellular Voice, SMS, and Data for your Passengers and Crew

CORE Marine Solutions resolves the issues related to congested marina Wi-Fi, spotty cellular connections, or no connections at all when you’re in port, or underway. Delivering high-performance LTE service for HD streaming and Internet in the U.S. and internationally more than 25 miles (40km) offshore. Now you can enjoy more reliable coverage and faster speeds.


  • Small footprint allowing for flexible and easy installations

  • Native DC power

  • No moving parts to be affected by vessel movement

  • Passively cooled for a wide range of temperatures

  • Four cellular LTE chips (carrier agnostic)

  • Automatic switching between carriers for expanded coverage

  • Four cellular LTE radios to hold sim cards onboard or virtually from the sim library maintained in your datacenter

  • Large coverage area providing calling and secure Wi-Fi for multiple devices via compatible mobile devices

  • Embedded GPS tracking

  • Interconnect points for mobile data units

  • Affordable connections with smart routing and automatic switching between LTE and satellite services

Flexibility for Today and Tomorrow

CORE Marine has four cellular LTE radios onboard that cover most frequencies of service around the world, including all major North American and Carribbean carriers and is Band 14-ready.

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