WASHINGTON, D.C.—Agile Interoperable Solutions (AIS),, the leading provider of interoperable communications solutions that enable public and private organizations to achieve seamless connectivity in the most challenging environments, will be exhibiting and demonstrating a wide variety of its products at the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Show August 5-8 in Las Vegas. AIS will be exhibiting its world-class communications solutions at Booth 1261.

“As the premier event for public safety communications officials, APCO provides AIS with a face-to-face opportunity for us to showcase our first to market and in several cases industry unique technologies that are critical to saving lives of first responders and the public in general during natural disasters and in crisis situations,” said CEO Vernon Guillermo.

The Show will also mark the introduction of company’s newest technology, CORE Patrol, a tactical communications hub purpose built within a backpack to enable communications in terrain or conditions where a vehicle would not be feasible or desirable. The CORE Patrol platform is flexible which enables AIS to develop the solution perfectly suited to the customer’s communications needs. CORE Patrol is a lightweight, scalable and military grade backpack containing a Mobile CORE, the heart of the solution. Mobile CORE is a small, ruggedized device that integrates bonded multi-channel cellular LTE, WI-FI, GPS and optional Land Mobile Radio extension capabilities (CORE Patrol LMR). The CORE Patrol was built for ease of use and utilizes leading edge technology that grows with customer’s needs.

Beyond introducing CORE Patrol, AIS will display and demonstrate its flagship products, CORE (Common Operating Radio Engine) and Mobile CORECORE integrates Landline, Cellular, Radio, Wi-Fi and Satellite communications in a portable, rugged enclosure supporting incident response and command and control functions. CORE, is a complete solution combining hardware, software, mobile applications, and customer-tailored workflows. It represents the state-of-the-art in interoperability and unified incident command systems connecting radio, cellular, satellite, hardline, and Wi-Fi for seamless, efficient, and secure communications between multiple parties/agencies.

Specifically, Mobile CORE is a communications hub for vehicle-based applications that integrates bonded multi-channel cellular LTE, WI-FI, GPS, and Land Mobile Radio extension capabilities.

Mobile CORE advantages include:

· Small footprint, easy fit into a vehicle
· Native DC power regulated for vehicle use
· No moving parts to be affected by vehicle movement
· Passively cooled for a wide range of temperatures
· 4 cellular LTE Chips
· Large coverage area, secure Wi-Fi for bodycams and other devices
· Unit embedded GPS tracking
· Interconnect points for mobile data units, biometric equipment and other devices
· 4 cellular LTE radios on board that can hold sim cards directly in the unit or virtually from the sim library maintained in your data center.
· Remote gateway management server to monitor, configure and check in on all gateways reducing maintenance and skill set required onsite to support the units

All AIS CORE products are Band 14 capable, ready to support the FirstNet network roll out.

For more information about AIS and its full line of CORE technologies, and to schedule an interview with CEO Vernon Guillermo, please contact Shep Doniger at 561-637-5750 or