Agile Interoperable Solutions LLC (AIS) is pleased to announce a new addition to our talented and experienced executive team. Lieutenant General Paul Blackwell Sr. (U.S. Army Retired) joined the AIS team as the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of AIS. General Blackwell is a decorated combat veteran with 31 years of service in the United States Army. General Blackwell has held a wide range of command and staff positions including Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Planning and Commanding General, 24th Infantry Division. General Blackwell was Vice President of Raytheon Corporation for 12 years and served as primary interface with U.S. Army CECOM and Special Operations Command. General Blackwell brings unparalleled leadership, vision, and operational experience to AIS. Peter McElroy launched AIS as the CEO. Mr. McElroy will continue his duties of the Chief Financial Officer and on the Board of AIS. We welcome General Blackwell and look forward to the positive results of his team leadership on AIS.