Flexible Communications Platform

Mobile Core is a communications hub purpose built for a variety of applications. It may be mounted in a vehicle, a backpack or located in an office. The Mobile Core platform is flexible which enables AIS to develop the solution needed to address your communications needs. The Mobile Core is a small, ruggedized and durable device that integrates bonded multi-channel cellular LTE, WI-FI, GPS, and Land Mobile Radio extension capabilities. Mobile Core was built for ease of use and utilizing leading edge technology that will grow with your needs.

The Basics

  • Small footprint allowing flexible deployment solutions
  • Native DC power
  • No moving parts to be affected by vehicle movement
  • Passively cooled for a wide range of temperatures
  • 4 cellular LTE chips
  • Large coverage area secure WI-FI for bodycams and other devices
  • GPS tracking embedded in the unit
  • Interconnect points for mobile data units, biometric equipment and other devices
  • May be deployed singularly or through-out a large enterprise

Scalability and Operational Ease

  • 4 cellular LTE radios onboard that can hold sim cards directly in the unit or virtually from the sim library maintained in your datacenter.
  • Remote gateway management server to monitor, configure and check in on all gateways reducing maintenance and skillset required onsite to support the units.
  • All Mobile COREs register to the server automatically when turned on and are visible for the entire duration on network
  • Wi-Fi with a large effective range and secure for only the devices authorized.

Mobile Core has sophisticated software onboard to manage cell tower hand offs as you move to maximize signal strength and the ability to automatically search for the best throughput connection available. The bonded LTE aggregates all cellular connections to maintain session persistence even if one or more cell connects drop due to the vehicle travelling out of range. The LMR extension functions in the background to detect loss of service to the trunked radio network and send the transmission over the VPN secure LTE connection. This requires no action by the operator.

Flexibility Today and Tomorrow

Mobile Core has 4 cellular LTE radios onboard that covers most frequencies of service around the world, including all major North American carriers and is Band 14 ready. This flexibility allows not being limited with one service providers when you make your LTE router purchase or having to change your hardware if you are changing your service provider.