Is the CORE configurable?2018-01-16T16:14:27-04:00


CORE is a solution, not a product.  It can be configured to meet specific customer requirements which could include a customer that wants to integrate their existing JPS ACU into CORE, or a customer that wants CORE capabilities in a different form factor ie., a 2U rack configuration for a mobile command unit, an under passenger seat configuration for a first responder vehicle, or a man portable unit.

CORE units of any configuration can be networked together and centrally managed across an enterprise.    

Is the CORE LTE ready?2018-01-18T15:31:15-04:00


CORE uses bonded LTE to ensure that calls are not dropped when it needs to switch between cellular towers and even cellular carriers.  Bonded LTE also enables CORE to combine the bandwidth of each cellular channel into a larger data pipe.

The CORE can support simultaneous cellular connections from up to 4 carriers and 16 channels of cellular through a single cellular gateway component.

Is CORE Band 14 compatible?2018-07-12T16:13:49-04:00


CORE is Band 14 compatible.

Does the CORE require a network backhaul to operate?2018-01-18T15:32:08-04:00


CORE does not require a network backhaul.  It can be deployed in the absence of any external network connections.

Are the communications private/secure?2018-01-18T15:32:31-04:00


CORE encrypts all voice and data traffic that flows through it.  Radios with built-in encryption maintain their encryption while non encrypted radios, cell phones, and other communication devices are encrypted at the CORE.

Can I use my existing equipment?2018-01-18T15:32:53-04:00


The CORE is radio hardware agnostic.  It can integrate with virtually any radio from any manufacturer.